Ready Lifter Shoulder Moving Straps for Furniture/Appliances

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Ready Lifter Shoulder Moving Straps for Furniture/Appliances

The Ready Lifter Lifting Aid is the ideal moving and lifting system for the apartment renter or lightweight user. With a recommended carrying weight of 600 lbs., it is the perfect system for helping out with furniture and appliances around the house or apartment. This product was specifically designed for homeowners and renters in residential use.
  • MOVING STRAPS LIFTING AID - The Ready Lifter recognized the need for your arms to be unconstrained. The need for stabilization, opening doors, and overall balance is all attained with the Ready Lifter. Allows for temporary use of one free hand.
  • SAFELY LIFT AND MOVE - Ergonomically designed to promote and facilitate proper lifting techniques.
  • REDUCE BACK PAIN - Back pain and strain is avoided by ensuring proper lifting techniques and utilizing the body's strongest muscles, the legs and torso.
  • INCREDIBLE VERSATILITY - Due to the seemingly unlimited adjustability of the strap through the buckle, users can move and lift heavy, bulky furniture easier than ever.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Differences in the height of movers are overcome due to the adjustability of the webbing through the buckle.

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